PlatinumGames is a Japanese video game developer renowned for its superhero works. One of their most popular works is the Bayonetta series. These games were huge for the hack-n-slash genre at the time and play well even today.

Now PlatinumGames is targeting another original work. It doesn’t have an official name, but is called Project GG. What is this game and what thematic direction for PlatinumGames? Well thankfully thanks to a new trailer, we don’t have to wait on hold. A New Teaser Trailer Is Out Now For Project GG; Sets The Stage For An Epic Showdown Between Good And Evil

We start by showing a city under a kind of massive attack. People run around the streets and debris and rubble rain down from above. Whatever the threat, its magnitude is enormous. We have already seen these chaotic scenes in films like Jurassic Park and Godzilla. Immediately, Project GG has a very blockbuster tone that makes us wonder what is on the horizon.

Guttural sounds are then heard in the distance, as if to signal a terrifying monster approaching. A small dog is forced to watch it in terror while it is chained. Just as a building begins to collapse and collapses towards the direction of the dog, an unnamed hero steps in and enlarges his robot costume. Alas, our knight in sparkling armor arrived to save the day.

We then see the nameless hero clash with what is likely to be a kaiju. The term refers to the big monsters; they are often depicted in Japanese films. Just as the steel giant is about to collide with the kaiju, the screen goes black. It’s the perfect teaser for Project GG.

PlatinumGames hasn’t revealed too much, but it has given us an incredible insight into what this latest game is all about. You’ll have the chance to battle it out with epic kaiju, preventing them from destroying the city. Already, the GG project seems to be a unique property that should get a lot of attention from the start. Currently there is no release date – but those first impressions signal an epic experience.