Riot Games adds another massive content patch to their dominant MOBA, League of Legends. This new patch comes with balance adjustments for fourteen different champions, as well as changes to the next game mode, URF.

URF, or Ultra Rapid Fire, is a special game mode that appears from time to time fueled by hectic madness. The game mode allows players to see their cooldowns significantly reduced, creating a chaotic combat mess every possible turn.All The Nerf’s In Riot’s Latest League Of Legends Patch, As Well As Changes To The Upcoming URF Game Mode

The URF will reappear soon this May 14, in just two days from the writing of this article! Riot has learned from previous iterations of the game mode and allows certain changes to continue.

“The URF returns in 10:10 on May 14!” The experience with pick-URF last year went well, with a healthier engagement with fashion and with Summoner’s Rift afterwards, ”writes Riot. “We believe that part of this success can be attributed to the continuous mode-specific balance changes, so you’ll see more tweaks below to help keep the games enjoyable and addictive.”