Her son “Mickey” Young-min is back in Korea.

Mickey signed today with Prince APK from League of Legends Champions Korea APK.

Excel Esports had a disappointing season in Europe, ranking seventh in the league. Mid laner Mickey had brilliant moments throughout Spring Split and was one of the redeemers for the five-player lineup, but he inevitably failed to meet the team’s goals in the playoffs . Finally, Mickey and Korean comrade Ki “Expect” Dae-han were excluded from the team. APK Prince Signed Former Excel Esports Mid Laner Mickey For Korea’s LCK 2020 Summer Split

APK Prince is the latest team to join the LCK after winning the promotion tournament on September 19 and returning Jin Air Green Wings to the league below, Challengers Korea.

Mickey will now seek to improve APK Prince’s performance in the LCK and face the best teams in the league.

Mickey played for APK Prince during a short stay in 2018, when the team participated in the Korean Second Division League, Challengers Korea. Most of the squad have since been replaced, but former teammates Kim “Trigger” Eui-joo and Park “Secret” Ki-sun have stayed with the team.