A sick Rasheeda Frost finally decides to answer the question that has been bothering him in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fans for years – did he marry Kirk Frost when he was only 17?

Rasheeda recently shared a video where he showed off his bikini body while having fun in his private pool with Kirk and his family.

One person asked Rasheeda: “So when you guys get married, are you really 17 & is he 31 years old?” Rasheeda Frost Becomes A Voice For Small Business Entrepreneurs – She Reveals Her Quarantine Routine During The Global Crisis.

According to Wikipedia, Rasheeda was born on May 25, 1982, so he was 37 years old, and he said this year that he and Kirk were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.

However, here’s the answer he gave to that person: “Honey, I don’t think about getting married. I’m still in middle school at 17th try again, gadget inspector! 🤦🏽‍♀️😩😷 ”