It’s a bit of a process here; an online magazine called Jeuxactu accidentally leaked screens showing Baldur’s Gate III before its planned unveiling at PAX East (which has not yet been canceled). Jeuxactu noticed their mistake in pushing the screens early and deleted them, but not before a Russian publication called DTF managed to capture and host them on their website.

Now the revealed trailer was to happen today, showing Baldur’s Gate III in depth with the new systems and mechanisms, so the actual damage was minimal, no matter what it might even be. Nevertheless, a lot of things happened today around Baldur’s Gate III and opinion varied enormously from fans and developers. Baldur’s Gate 3 Images Get Leaked Ahead Of Schedule, The Trailer Arrives Twelve Hours Later

Note that this trailer only lasts twenty minutes, while the actual screening displays approximately one and a half hours of content.

Coming from Larian Studios and based on the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing system, the hype has crossed the roof. Larian Studios is the developer responsible for the resounding success of the RPG Divinity franchise which also works with many Dungeons & Dragons mechanics and has spawned several iterations of the RPG, the vast majority of which have been critically acclaimed.

Assuming Larian Studios did not change their mind a year ago, we know that Baldur’s Gate III will not be coming to the Epic Games Store; instead on GOG and Steam.

From the screenshots and the trailer, there was a consistent opinion from critics and fans; it looks amazingly like Divinity: Original Sin 2. From the isometric angle to the aesthetic, it almost seems to be an extension of Divinity: Original Sin 2, even the font being perfectly adapted to the previous title.

Some fans turned to Reddit and Twitter to ask if it was more of a mod, and less of a completely different title set in a different world.

Despite the similarities and many wanting a more distinct look, Larian studios are known for expanding their world and offering great freedom of agency to players, and this reputation exceeds them.