The young singer is not affected at all by complaints from the NYPD that, since the murder of George Floyd, they have been defamed in the media. That being said, Billie Eilish made fun of them in a new post on social media.

It all started with the police commissioner who went wild over how people around the world, who support the Black Lives Matter movement, were trying to “shame” law enforcement.

It was then that Billie decided to go back with a “brilliant mashup” clip created by writer and civil rights activist Shaun King.

The clip did a great job showing the contradiction between what happened in the past two weeks on the streets during the protests and what Dermot Shea suggested. Billie Eilish Makes Fun Of The NYPD For Complaining That They’re Being ‘Shamed’ By BLM Protesters Everywhere After The Killing Of George Floyd – â € ˜Goo Goo Ga ​​Ga! Â € ™
As you may know, the police continue to use excessive force, although this is precisely what people were protesting peacefully after the murder of George Floyd by a cop.

Along with the mashup video, Billie mocked the complaint correctly, writing, “LMAOOO goo goo ga ga cops are in a rush.”

Fans know only too well that Billie Eilish did not remain silent in the fight for equal treatment, justice and an end to police violence in America.