If you’ve seen Borderlands 3 queued for a patch today in your library, and are wondering what shenanigans might possibly be in progress this time, you’re not alone. In the minority, perhaps, but certainly not alone.

Today, Gearbox released a patch that finally ended the fascinating Cartel event, a repeatable mission with a fantastic amount of loot to be gleaned after players picked up enough Cartel tokens while playing normally.

Unfortunately, the event is now over, leaving room for what will hopefully be new events arriving as soon as possible. Borderlands 3 Gets A Patch Today That Removes The Cartel Event, Adds QoL Features

Speaking of the upcoming release, the patch also provides support for the next free update called Takedown at Guardian Breach. It’s an endgame challenge that will put the cave hunters face to face with several monsters and elite bosses all at Minos Prime where Tannis will send you.

You can precisely customize the strength with which you want your face to come into play, with harder difficulties to give you better value for money in terms of drop loot levels.

In addition, the appearances are personalized for the number of members of your group: do not worry if you prefer to spend time alone by removing the heads of enemies in the last neon tinted title of Gearbox.