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What Is The Shurangama Mantra?

The Buddhist religion practices a series of mantras or sacred pronouncements that are believed to contain spiritual and mystical efficacy. It is an effort to advance one’s spiritual wisdom and ultimately bring spiritual enlightenment.

One mantra which is considered to be the King of Mantras due to its long length and revered importance is the Shurangama Mantra, which has been practiced by Buddhist practitioners for over one thousand years.

The Buddhist Shurangama Mantra is a dhāranī or a long mantra that is mainly practiced in China, Japan, and Korea. The mantra translates to “The Light on the Crown of the Buddha,” in which the crown refers to the transformation Buddha that lies on top of the crown which spoke the mantra. Its phrases are both subtle and wonderful, with every phrase having its own unique function and esoteric wonder. It is believed to bring the fruition of light and virtue from the darkness.

It is one of two mantras that are part of the Proper Dharma—the other being the Shurangama Sutra which is a text that describes the Shurangama Mantra. According to the Shurangama Sutra, the Shurangama Mantra was passed down by the Buddha Shakyamuni to Manjushri Bodhisattva as protection for Bhikshu Ananda when he decided to become an Arhat.

The mantra is regarded as one of the most important mantras because it comprises all the doctrines of the Buddahadharma. The mantra is also known to frequently reference different Buddhist deities. It is divided into five of the following divisions which are each associated with different directions and different Buddhist deities:

1. The Vajra Division is associated with the east, with Akshobhya Buddha as the host.

2. The Production of Jewels Division is associated with the south, with Jeweled Birth Buddha as the host.

3. The Buddha Division is known as the central division, with Shakyamuni Buddha as the host.

4. The Lotus Division is associated with the west, and Amitabha Buddha is the host.

5. And finally, the Karma Division is associated with the north and Accomplishment Buddha is the host.

The King of Mantras is regarded as both the function and substance of the Buddhadharma. In fact, the livelihood of the Buddhadharma is dependent on this mantra, for it is believed that if there is not a single person who recites this mantra anymore, then the world will plummet and fall apart because the Proper Dharma does not exist anymore.

Essentially, both the flourishing and demise of Buddhism are highly dependent on the Shurangama Mantra. Its efficacious phrases ensure that heaven and earth are not destroyed; ultimately, it keeps the world from ending. It is even said that with its recitation, the heavens shake and the earth trembles, ghosts and spirits wail, demons keep distance, and mountain and river sprites hide.

As beautifully described by the Shakyamuni Buddha, the Shurangama Mantra is a veil of protection, for anyone that recites it—whether with little memory or not—will not be harmed by poison in his entire life. The King of Mantras is truly a powerful mantra that protects its practitioners from all harm and sustains the balance of life, heaven, and the earth.

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Hillary Clinton Mocks Melania Trumpâ

While being invited to Watch What Happens Live, Hillary Clinton showed a whole new side to her, but that doesn’t mean that she remembered anything when she slammed the current government and its leaders. The former presidential candidate even omitted First Lady Melania Trump’s “Be the Best” campaign!

As far as Hillary is concerned, perhaps Melania should “take a closer look at her home!”

This is the advice she offered when Bravo boss Andy Cohen asked her what she thought of the Melania campaign.

So Hillary didn’t hesitate to tell her that if she was so worried about cyberbullying, “I think she should look closer to home.”
Hillary Clinton Mocks Melania Trump’s ‘Be Best’ Campaign – Advises Her To ‘Look Closer To Home!’
Obviously, she cast a shadow over her husband, President Donald Trump, because he is generally regarded as a bully, both on his favorite online platform, Twitter, as well as in real life, especially during of his gatherings.

After all, Donald’s attacks on his political opponents and his critics in general are infamous!

As for Melania’s Be Best campaign, Hillary is not the first to speak against it.

The initiative to combat cyberbullying and the opioid crisis is in fact often ridiculed.

“It is not news or surprise to me that media critics have decided to ridicule me for speaking out on this issue and that is correct. I remain determined to fight the CWB because it will provide a better world for our children, ”said FLOTUS in the past.

But despite his apparent efforts, Trump continues to prey on people who disagree with him, even bullying none other than environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who did not

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Grey’s Anatomy Showrunner Responds

Grey’s Anatomy showrunner responds to fan outrage at Alex Karev’s shocking ending Source: Twitter

Grey’s Anatomy sent fans into a frenzy this week when they said goodbye to the much-loved OG character, Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). Everyone knew that the end was near for Dr. Karev, when Chambers announced his release from the show in January. But, no one knew that the writers would give the character’s exit a crazy and undesirable turn.

The last time fans saw Alex was in an episode last November when he gathered a group of patients and colleagues from Dr. Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) to support her in her insurance fraud case. Since then, it has been reported that Alex went to Iowa to visit his mother, but he had ghosted all his friends – even his best friend, Meredith, and his wife, Dr. Jo Karev (Camilla Ludington) .

However, in the most recent episode, Alex’s wife and closest friends (the remaining three OGs) – Jo, Meredith, Dr Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Dr Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) – each received a letter from Alex explaining his sudden absence. Grey’s Anatomy Showrunner Responds To Fan Outrage Over The Shocking End Of Alex Karev’s Character – ‘It Is Nearly Impossible To Say Goodbye’

Chambers provided the voice overs for each letter as it revealed that he had left Seattle permanently and moved to Kansas to be with his first wife, Dr. Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) and their twins.

Immediately, fans turned to social media to express their anger at the revelation, as Alex had major character development in 16 seasons and felt that the writers had erased everything in one episode.

Showrunner Krista Vernoff told Us Weekly in a statement that it was incredibly difficult to get Alex Karev out of the series.

“It’s almost impossible to say goodbye to Alex Karev,” said Vernoff. “It is as true for me and all the writers of Grey’s Anatomy as for the fans. We loved writing Alex. And we loved watching the nuanced portrait of Justin Chambers on him. “

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Fallout 76 Has A New Challenge Where Players

Since the launch of Fallout 76 in 2018, it has met with mixed reviews. For one, the massive West Virginia landscapes of the game are fun to cross with a big party. Then when you try to go solo, the game feels void of any real emotion and fun activities to enjoy. Most of this can be attributed to the lack of RPG NPCs. Bethesda has since recognized these shortcomings and highlights them in the next Wastelanders update. Fallout 76 Has A New Challenge Where Players Are Trying To Contract All Diseases For Atoms

It should be released on April 7, but in the meantime, many users have made the most of this polarizing title. A small group of players have done so by trying to contract all known illnesses in the game. It is actually a challenge in play that many are currently facing,

could take care of your own business and suddenly contract blood from cockroaches. The list of diseases seems endless.

This is why many rise to the challenge. They want to join the elite group of players who have become walking hosts for disease and parasites. According to many users, obtaining some of them has proven to be very difficult. This is the case of the disease called Oopsies. It is one of the rarest diseases in the game that can only be transmitted by a Mirelurk queen. It is a fairly formidable adversary that you must approach with caution.

Not only that, but to contract Whoopsies, you have to let one of his newborn babies bite you. Even then, there is no guarantee as some of them are not carriers. Needless to say, there have been many who have tried and failed to catch Whoopsies. The few successful players notice that luck was on their side.

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DWTS Will Include A Same-Sex Couple

Dancing With the Stars will be a little different when he returns to ABC for season 29 this fall. Former producer Steven Price said that when the dance competition is launched later this year, it will feature at least one same-sex couple competing for the Mirror Ball Trophy.

“Because these days you can’t control love,” Price recently told The Sun. “You can’t control who or who you love, so you have to support them. You cannot condemn someone just because they love someone of the same sex. That’s who they like – support it. As long as they don’t hurt each other. ”

Price admitted that some viewers might not like the idea of ​​same-sex couples competing on the show, but said the Midwest is changing their dynamics. He said that people were starting to be more open to it because they were introduced to it, and ultimately “love is love” and the chemistry is the same. DWTS Will Include A Same-Sex Couple During Season 29, Says Former Producer

Price added that adding same-sex couples to the cast brings a different touch to the series, as it is something that needs to be addressed and aired. Host Tom Bergeron agrees that same-sex couples on DWTS are “late.”

International versions of the show – like Strictly Come Dancing in the UK and Dancing With the Stars in Australia – have already cast a same-sex couple. In Australia, the first same-sex couple competed last season, and Strictly Come Dancing will do the same in their next season.

Of course, it is too early to know who will air the series for the next season in America. But, ABC has met Charlie Sheen as a potential candidate. Rob Mills, senior vice president of alternative series, specials and shows

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Diddy Remembers The Notorious B.I.G.


as you probably already know, rapper Notorious BIG was assassinated on March 9, 1997. Diddy wanted to post something in his memory, and he shared a few photos and a message on social media.

Check them out below.

“Big was the perfect artist! That candid moment when BIG had a writer’s block. It only happened to him once. He was talking about retiring. And I just tell him to stop talking about crazy and that he was the greatest of all time. Then he came in and hypnotized! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 True story 🖤 #badboysforlife WE WILL NEVER STOP !!!!! #wemissyouBDiddy Remembers The Notorious B.I.G. With Photos And A Message

Someone said, “Crazy … I literally posted a photo on my IG story playing hypnotize. We had a wonderful time
He was just crazy.

Another follower posted this: “ We miss him but his music still lasts! And one fan said, “ Imagine the kind of music he would drop on the 2020 radios would stop playing that # $ drake bull! ”

Someone else posted this: “Crazy that the king 😎 is thinking of retiring. But he had a believer as his best friend!

A follower posted: “ I have always loved you but I really love you with this jersey on 💯 ”

One of the rapper’s fans said, “ @diddy, keep bringing the positivity today, it’s so much more sincere to remember that the smiles too

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Cynthia Bailey Tells Fans What They Need

Cynthia Bailey shared a photo of herself on a plane and tells fans what she has with her on her travels during this global crisis in which we are all. As you know, the coronavirus is spreading very quickly and we are already close to 100,000 people who are / have been infected worldwide.

Anyway, here’s what Cynthia thinks you should have on them during their trip.

‘Clorox Wipes ✔️ Water✔️ Black seed oil capsules✔️ Antibacterial✔️ Emergen-C✔️ more importantly GOD️️’ ‘Cynthia captioned her article.

Someone said, ‘Cynthia! FYI, everything that is antibacterial

One follower was not satisfied with Cynthia’s gesture and posted this: “ But you just put your hand on your face and everything ruined ”, and another commenter said: “ Yes, my dear, but put God first because without him none of these other really important things. I love you. 😊 ‘
Cynthia Bailey Tells Fans What They Need While Traveling Amidst The Global Coronavirus Increasing Fear – People Bash Her For This Reason
Another follower said, ‘Yesssss. Wipe the seats and pray for your good health, always while traveling.

Someone else posted, “Omg, but now you touch your face with your hands.” We are not supposed to do that.

One follower said, “ Be sure to keep the fabric in your pocket / purse to open all the doors, and then throw them away immediately. Do not put them back in your pocket. Mini Lysol spray on everything. Use your car keys to enter your PIN code at the grocery store. Use a paper towel to grab the pump from the gas station. AND STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE !! @ cynthiabailey10 and @juneambrose and @neneleak

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The hassle-free application is simple

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You may either take an electronic duplicate

Federal of India has released electronic travel and leisure authorisation or perhaps eTA designed for India that allows citizens of 180 countries to travel to India without requiring an actual stamping at the passport. The brand new type of authorization is called a great eVisa India. It is this kind of electronic India Visa Online that allows foreign visitors to check out India just for five key purposes, vacation / relaxation / short-run courses, organization, medical go to or group meetings. There are further more number of sub-categories under every visa type. All foreign travellers have to hold a great INDIA VISA or possibly a regular/paper Visa prior to discover into the nation as per American indian Government Migration Authorities. Remember that travellers to India right from these 180 countries, that happen to be eligible to sign up for an India Visa over the internet are not instructed to visit Native american indian Embassy or perhaps Indian Great Commission with regards to getting a Visa to India. If you are part of an suitable nationality, then you can certainly apply for a great India Visa Online. As soon as the visa to India has been issued within an electronic format, then you could either take an electronic duplicate on your portable device or perhaps printed backup of this eVisa India. Migrants Officer with the border is going to check that the eVisa India is valid in the program for the concerned passport and person. Indian Visa online way of procurement or perhaps eVisa India is the favorite, secured and trusted technique of entry to India. Newspaper or standard India Visa is not really considered as respected method by Government of India. Simply because an additional, gain to the holidaymakers, they do not have to visit native Indian Embassy/Consulate or Superior Commission for getting India Visa as this kind of visa could be procured over the internet.

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Amusement and Gaming Organization

Seperti yang telah kindertageseinrichtung tahu, Omaha poker menggunakan kartu remi yang persis sama dengan permainan Online poker. Ketidaksamaan intinya yaitu dalam Omaha Poker, nyata 4 kartu yang diserahkan kepada oleh pemain juga akan diambil 2 kartu paling teliti untuk tentukan apa kartu anda yang paling amat tinggi. Lalu bila Kita pernah melangsungkan Texas Hold’Em, \ Omaha Poker tidak demikian susah. Awak cuma sedikit akan galau mengapa wujud 4 kartu berada dalam tangan dan pertanyaan berikutnya kemungkinan oleh sebab itu, kenapa ke empat kartu itu bukan dapat dimaini semua. Deskripsi meja juga permainan omaha ada beserta ini. Kami akan mengulas lebih detil dalam short training komplet bertaruh omaha texas hold’em ini agar Anda meraih pahami dan bisa meracik taktik yang tepat memenangi permainan sekarang, tentu juga bila sudah masuk dengan salah satunya bandar poker online amat dipercaya. Seolah-olah yang telah diterangkan tadinya, ketidaksamaan berharga Texas HoldEm juga Omaha Poker ialah memiliki pada pembagian jumlahnya pan, serta step penetapan pemenang pada placed showdown-nya. Beserta susunan yang permainan Omaha Poker. IDN Poker Network dapat dibuktikan resmi di dalam soal piranti lunak pertandingan serta Serampangan Number Creator serta dapat dipakai dengan aman dengan pemain internet poker di penjuru dunia. Walau adalah kewajaran buat tempat kekinian kebebasan mengutarakan gagasan untuk kesemua orang, adalah pekerjaan kindertagesstätte untuk menerbitkan bukti benar yang membuktikan bukti yang disebut historia, dibanding biarkan terdapatnya isu tanpa wujud fakta yang pasti pada baliknya.

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