Being a model is not easy! After all, this implies that other people judge just about everything about their physical appearance and it can really hurt anyone’s self-esteem, especially during the formative years!

Cindy Crawford is one of the biggest names in the industry, but getting to where she is has not been easy.

The model explained how, when she started modeling, she was asked to get rid of her now iconic beauty mark, which sits just above her lip.

Crawford discussed it with Naomi Campbell, another OG model, as the first guest in her YouTube series No Filter. Cindy Crawford Says She Was Asked To Remove Her Iconic Beauty Mark If She Wanted To Make It As A Model!

The models remembered the flashbacks at the start of their careers when Cindy shared how she was encouraged to remove the mole if she wanted a bright future in the industry.

It all started with Naomi asking Cindy whether or not Vogue would edit the beauty brand on the cover photos.

“I made a cover of British Vogue before making a cover of American Vogue and on the cover of British Vogue, they touched it up. So there is a blanket of me out there without a mole, ”said Cindy.
When asked how it made her feel, Cindy said, “ Look, kid, I hated having a makeover. My sister called it a horrible brand.