The patch 1.3 update is already online for those who play the game via Steam, so this delay will not affect any player on PC. The update is only postponed for those who appreciate the console version of the game.

Patch 1.3 was also a massive update that brought a huge amount of content to the game, so there are certainly a lot that could have gone wrong in terms of complications the team is experiencing. We discussed this patch here during its release period in mid-April.

In short, the patch brings new content to the table, like two new AI variants and a handful of new equipment options. Additionally, the patch brought a new time of day, adding Sunset instead of just Night and Day.Crytek Announces Delays To Hunt: Showdown’s Next Patch Due To COVID-19 Complications

The addition of the Sunset calendar also brought some strategic options. With the beaming sunlight, positioning became vital, as players could fix themselves in a way that would keep their target blinded by the sun.

There have also been a handful of fixes since the release of PC version 1.3, which means these fixes will also likely be delayed for console users. Towards the end of April, Crytek applied various bug fixes and content improvements, polishing some of the rougher edges.