Diddy probably feels very moved today because he decided to post a really sincere message on his account on social networks. He tells all of his fans that when you have a good woman with you, it’s essential to let her know that.

The truth is that it applies to all of us and it is always a good thing to let those around us know that they are loved.

The day will come when they will no longer be with us, so that we can let them know how we feel. Check out Diddy’s post in which he also mentioned the late Kim Porter.

“If you have a good wife, let her know. Tell him as soon as you can. Make sure she knows. Make sure she feels it. HONOR IT. Cherish it. Because the specials are RARE and LITTLE. And not everyone has a second chance. LEAVE THE ONE YOU LIKE TODAY. NOW!!!! Lad @ladykp I will honor you forever. D ‘Diddy captioned his message.

One commentator said, ‘@diddy and all she ever wanted is you,’ and a follower wrote, ‘regret and guilt are the worst feelings of all.’ Diddy Honours Kim Porter And Erica Mena Is Here For It.

Another disciple said, “ You really never know what you have until he is gone ” and one of Diddy’s supporters wrote: “ Everything is true and now you honor it by doing your best with your daughters, they need you as you know, not the fancy things just for you. Praying for you is certainly not easy!

Someone else posted this: ‘@diddy’ My heart hurts’ … keep your head up high. Keep morale high in prayer🙏🏽 ‘

One follower wrote: ‘The lace always learns such errors instead of really appreciating it when you had it, it doesn’t make sense to me; (I guess men will always want what they can’t have. I don’t understand.

A fan said to Diddy ‘@diddy great advice, and I feel your pain … Did you always know that Kim was a good woman or after her death ??’ and someone else said, “Yeah, I know, the guilt is destroying him … Hopefully he will go to therapy to deal with his loss