BioWare has a reputation for creating some of the most thoughtful and choice-driven RPGs of all time.

After all, it’s the studio that created favorites like Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic, Jade Empire and the original Mass Effect games trilogy.

However, in the gaming world, it is “what have you done for me recently?”

As far as BioWare is concerned with regard to its parent company EA, the answer to this question is “not much”.

The last two major versions of BioWare, Mass Effect Andromeda and the multiplayer shooter Anthem have both proven to be commercial and critical failures.

Much of this centers on technical issues with games, especially in Mass Effect Andromeda.
Dragon Age 4 Could Be Make Or Break For Bioware In The Wake Of Anthem/Mass Effect Andromeda’s Failure
are the most popular of all time in Mass Effect 1-3. Despite fan outrage over what they thought was a dull ending to Mass Effect 3, these original games were still appreciated by the community at large.

With Andromeda, the game clearly needed more time with the developers before its release. The version that players got their hands on for the first time included an insane number of bugs for a major studio release. The characters weren’t where they were supposed to be, some were floating in the air, the animations weren’t done, and there were a ton of break-up issues.

With Anthem, BioWare relied on a bad loot system (a common EA problem), a lack of history (something BioWare fans are looking for above all) and EA’s insistence on use from Frostbite for a game engine, although it’s not the best option for this title.

Although BioWare has apparently abandoned Mass Effect Andromeda, canceling any story-based DLC that was originally planned, they are still trying to fix Anthem with a massive patch update.

However, BioWare may want to look to the future