Erica Dixon has landed in a lot of trouble after making a surprising confession about her twins.

The reality star and model recently visited her Instagram page, where she shared some adorable photos of her little girls – Embrii and Eryss – cute as a button as they sit in a car seat and are playing with their pants.

Through the caption, the mother of three explained the following about cute babies: “The latest news is to roll up their pants. They must want a darling early, lol. Jk. And their hair…. child which is quite a story in itself. Let’s just say they had a long day. Oh, can you all guess who’s who ??? ”

The star of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta has also decided to make the revelation that her daughters are not vaccinated. Erica Dixon Makes Bombshell Confession About Her Twin Babies — Embrii And Eryss — Lil Scrappy’s Ex Engages In Heated Debate With ‘Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Fans.

One person said, “I guess she plans to go to home schooling because she can’t go to school without vaccinations.”

Another speaker explained: “ALL STATES must accept exemptions from medical vaccination. However, personal and religious vaccines vary from state to state. Preventive vaccines are treated like peanut allergies or any other life-threatening allergy: they cannot ban a child from school just because they can die from being vaccinated. “