If you’ve ever played the original version of Final Fantasy VII, you know how Summon Materia works.

Or, at least, how it worked!

Summoning Magic has received a huge boost for the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII. The game has focused much of its marketing campaign on these summoning spells, and the first summoning acquired in the original game has recently sparked

Of course, the first Materia invocation acquired in the original 1997 version was ChocoMog.

When you arrive at the Chocobo Ranch after leaving Midgar in the first disc, Cloud can witness a feather of dancing Chocobos. At the end of their small feathery template, they put back the ChocoMog Materia. Final Fantasy VII’s Classic ChocoMog Summon Spell Makes A Comeback In Final Fantasy VII Remake

This spell involves summoning a useful Chocobo, which a moogle rides on. Together, they crush enemies, causing physical damage. Then the disoriented moogle is taken over by the Chocobo and they run away together.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, this dynamic duo returns, appearing much earlier in the story than in the original game.

“They may look cute and innocent, but Chocobo and Moogle have no problem getting into battle,” said Square Enix in a tweet that showed a video of the new features in ChocoMog.

In the video, we see Cloud invoking the spell ChocoMog. The Chocobo rears up before an entire flock of Chocobos advances, crushing enemies, led by the Chocobo and Moogle who were originally summoned.

Summons work differently in Final Fantasy VII Remake. As we saw in a previous gameplay video posted by Square Enix, when the summons had just appeared, unleashed an attack and left, now they show up and fight alongside the party for a while time.