Publisher Team17 and developer Blacklight Interactive have announced that their Golf With Your Friends title will soon be leaving Early Access for an official launch on Steam. The game has been in early access since January 2016. In addition to the announcement, a brand new trailer and the platforms on which the game will be published.

Golf With Your Friends is a competitive multiplayer board game. Players can enjoy nine fast paced mini-golf courses online at a time when many are still indoors. During early access, there were additional updates for players. Now the game is preparing to leave Early Access with the final version.Golf With Your Friends Graduates From Steam Early Access Later This Month

Up to 12 players can enjoy Golf With Your Friends, which allows multiple players to play together online, a much higher number than many other multiplayer titles. Players can use various power-ups and traps to create obstacles for others, such as using honey, freezing golf balls or turning them into squares.

Players can choose from game modes, such as classic mini-golf, hoops or hockey, which replaces the hole with a goal and a goalkeeper.