When she appeared on the first episode of Peter Weber as The Bachelor, it really looked like Hannah Brown and he had a lot of chemistry together! That said, many fans are wondering if the two are dating!

Since their so-called windmill sex, people are convinced that they have something special together.

So even if she sent him home for her The Bachelorette season, there are still a lot of questions about their type of relationship.

In addition, when she showed up for her pilot episode of The Bachelor, Hannah admitted that she regretted choosing Jed Wyatt.

It makes sense! After all, she left him shortly after learning that he was actually in a relationship when he joined the show.

In the meantime, Peter has admitted to Hannah that he is not really above her and there is speculation that they have met and see each other in secret.

However, Hannah had a question and answer session on Instagram a few days ago when she made it clear that she was still very single.

She also told her supporters that she had trouble dating her after Jed’s betrayal. Harry Hamlin Reveals His 1982 LGBT Role Was Too Early – It Destroyed His Career.

Not only that, but she also failed to find love during the Colton Underwood season and now she is also confused about her feelings for Peter.

“I don’t know how to do [dating]. It’s been a conversation this week. I say to myself “I have to understand this”, but I just like to sit at home in my pajamas! Hannah told her fans on IG Live.