There are some weird moments in the title, like being knocked out by a stereotypical rhinestone cowboy businessman in a seedy hotel, but overall it’s hard to say he can’t resist not to modern review of the most recent franchise offerings.

The title was so in vogue when it launched for free on GOG this morning that it managed to briefly shut down their servers, and GOG actually disabled the ability to receive the title while it sorted out the fire and flames to be the keen interest of the Internet. .

However, everything is backed up now, so fans can once again go for the free title to see exactly how much Agent 47 has changed over the years. Hitman: Absolution Is Free On GOG Bringing So Much Demand It Crashed The Servers

Admittedly, this may have something to do with the briefest of teasers that fans were surprised yesterday with the arrival of Hitman 3 with PlayStation 5, although it did not offer much content to analyze in the announcement. Bald, exotic inhabitants, hiding and sneaking; the standard rate for longtime fans.

Even graphically, with the power and power that were readily available in late 2012, the game stands out for its charm and details.

The city streets are littered with people, trash and trash going through their digital lives as Agent 47 strolls around them, dressed as any flavor of the day he has managed to ruffle. Compared to the most recent Hitman, it can turn pale; compared to many other titles, it continues to stand out in the modern era.