Eva Marcille shared a product she used during her quarantine to disinfect her hands, and she managed to spark a massive debate among her fans with this post. Check out his video below.

Not so long ago, Eva also made sure to crack down on a theory related to locking.

Many people have this theory that during the lockdown, we can see who our real friends really are. Well, it looks like Eva Marcille doesn’t agree with that, and she had a few words to tell her fans about the idea.

In short, here is his last article:

‘#Ad During these difficult times, I finally found a hand sanitizer to turn to for myself and my family! check out @unclebuds_hemp it’s 70% alcohol and it’s available for immediate delivery. It kills germs and keeps my hands incredibly hydrated. check them out at www.unclebudshemp.com #hemp #cbd #unclebudshemp #sanitizer “, Eva captioned her article.