Aside from Lifeline and Gibraltar, Mirage is the new candidate for the bag of gold. With a brand new character editing for Mirage, his biggest buff is the passive Cloaked Revive. It can be used in ridiculous situations and makes the Mirage and its teammate almost completely invisible.

You can resurrect right in front of a team, in the middle of a fight. Pop Mirage is ultimate at the same time and you will cause total chaos, with several different lures reviving at the same time. This ability is super strong and could be one of the most OP enhancements to come in the Apex arena. Mirage’s New Cloaked Revive Ability And Other Buffs In Apex Legends Season 5 Are Unbelievably Strong

Mirage has suffered four seasons of jokes and complaints about her skills, but that is no longer true. After playing the new season for two days, it is obvious that Mirage is now properly fulfilling its role of trickster in Apex Legends.

While his masked raise is the best thing about Mirage’s new overhaul, his other abilities shouldn’t be overlooked either. The controllable lure is a bamboo machine – it mimics every movement of Mirage and can be used aggressively or to try to escape a bad situation.