Blizzard officially announced today that the drop of competitive tokens used to unlock specific Overwatch League team skins is finally back on the menu. Tokens have been missing since Blizzard moved from Twitch to YouTube Gaming Live, a move that likely didn’t pay the dividends Blizzard hoped for.

However, while Twitch had an active removal program that would randomly reward users for watching Overwatch League feeds, in order to participate in the token removal program, users would have to log in through their Blizzard account and watch the feeds through there. in order to receive tokens. Overwatch League: League Token Drops Are Finally Back For Watching The League.

In addition, tokens are now guaranteed: you will receive five tokens for each hour you watch feeds via Blizzard. The monitoring time does not have to be consecutive either; watching thirty minutes, closing the stream, then watching another thirty minutes later counts as one full hour of stream, which then rewards the drop of five tokens.