While the Cyberspace Administration of China was quick to remove the game Plague, Inc from the China App Store, their continued efforts to keep citizens from discovering the title are interesting, to say the least. Their efforts have now accumulated to get Steam to remove Plague Inc from the international platform, at least as far as Chinese citizens are concerned. The title will remain on the Steam platform so that the rest of the world continues to enjoy it.
Plague Inc In Now Banned In China, Removed From Steam Store For Chinese Citizens
Ndemic Creations, the developers of Plague Inc and Rebel Inc, have worked with the Center For Disease Control (better known as CDC) to curb the rapid growth of the most recent pandemic, COVID-19 (also better known as Coronavirus), and have also taken over with their new title of Rebel Inc, highlighting the countries and citizens who find themselves trapped in a conflict between insurgents and government agencies.

Yet China’s apparent interest in Plague Inc is starting to turn the head of the BBC; for nothing but interesting events between the game they are trying to suppress and the current pandemic that is spreading around the globe.

Plague Inc is a title that instructs players to develop a virus or disease that causes humanity to fall. Organizing and evolving the disease to ensure lethality while maintaining a low profile is necessary, and spreading the virus as much as possible is necessary to win. Viruses and diseases vary in terms of contagion and effects, with d