Porsha Williams speaks to her true passion – bare hair. Find out what she said to her fans about the business that is one of her dreams coming true.

“My company @GoNakedHair is a real passion for me ❤️ At Go Naked Hair, we strive to give you the best quality of hair you deserve! We have packages of all styles (curly, wavy, straight, etc.), wigs and more! What style should I try next to Go Naked Hair ?? Comment me below! Looking to buy your new perfect hair ?? Visit WWW.GONAKEDHAIR.COM to discover all of our new styles today! Porsha captioned her message. Porsha Williams Talks About Her True Passion

Someone said, “I watched your interview on the bravo app on racism and white supremacy. You are very insightful and really help me explain to others why Black Lives Matters. I really hope you show up at the office somewhere where you have the spark! Thank you for using your platform that we are listening to! “

Another follower posted this: “If you’re like me (changing styles all the time), there’s nothing left to try … I have to go to those of the time with good styles.”

Someone else said, “Nice photo loving this look …… Resembling the housewife of Atlanta’s first lady !!!!” and another commenter posted this message: “Porsha giirlll, I love you! I saw you grow, overcome different challenges and, OMG… SUPER inspiring. “