Horror has many different approaches as a genre. Common strategies are to brutally show off scary or scary style shocks, but The Shattering takes a different approach. The game seeks to create fear and horror by the absence of information. There will be no obvious darkness and threats, but rather an unknown and invisible enemy who threatens you in this title of psychological horror.

The game is developed by Super Sexy Software and published by Deck13 Spotlight. The development team is a group of five close friends spread across Europe who have all come together to share a unique touch on the genre of horror.Psychological Horror Game The Shattering is preparing for its next release on Steam, a beautiful black and white horror game with Twist On Fear.

At its heart, The Shattering is a story-based, first-person psychological thriller. It combines dynamic environments with beautiful aesthetics to create a unique and intriguing story. You play in the mind of John, who has trouble collecting pieces of his past and his present.

By following the voice of the Doctor, you travel deeper into your own mind and live the most significant moments of Jon’s life. In his memory is the truth, but it is confused by the lies of what happened to John, and more importantly, why he does not remember “his” name.