Earlier this week, Kevin Gates made the headlines when it was revealed that a s * x tape was circulating on the Internet, which many fans believed included him and another woman who was not his wife.

So far, it has not been confirmed if it was really Kevin in the band, but many people on social networks believe wholeheartedly that it was him. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Kevin had a reputation for bragging about his sexual exploits in several of his songs, however, fans were disappointed to see his alleged performance. Rapper Kevin Gates Is Still Getting Made Fun Of Online For His Leaked Explicit Tape

Kevin regularly talks about what he and his wife do in the bedroom, including all the unconventional things they enjoy doing together. That said, when the explicit tape was released on the Internet, Twitter and IG users were disappointed to say the least.

Also, as noted above, Gates was not with his wife, Dreka, in the gang, so people online are convinced that his marriage is about to end. So far, neither party has commented on the tape or their relationship, so it’s unclear if the reports are all for nothing.

Instead, Gates and Dreka completely ignored the rumors and have since resumed their normal lives. Dreka, for example, hasn’t posted a word about it on his social media, and neither has Kevin, who has been busy promoting his Vice series as well as posting motivational quotes.