People who were chasing Rihanna for a new album may get their wish sooner rather than later. The diva recently revealed that she was working aggressively on new music that she plans to release this year.

Fashion fashion has also made it clear that while her schedule can be straggling and dancing – as in other parts of her life, she doesn’t want to be put in a box.

He explained: “I don’t want my albums to look like themes. There are not any rules. There is no form. There is only good music, and if I feel it, I put it on. Oh, no, that’s what happens. ” Rihanna Will Drop Her New Album Tentatively Called ‘R9’ Sooner Than Planned For This Reason

The Barbadian pop star continued: “I feel I have no limits. I’ve done everything – I’ve done all the successes, I’ve tried every kind – now I’m just, I’m open. I can do whatever I want. ”

A source told Hollywood Life that due to the paranoia pandemic, Rihanna was forced to take a break from other projects and could therefore focus on her music.

The well-known said: “Rihanna has over a hundred songs, both recorded and produced, various rhythms and tones of lyrics and many unfinished songs scattered to be examined for her next album. It was a race to get the right songs needed for a complete and complete album according to her preferences and she knows that her fans listen more than her and now with the world as it is, she puts all her focus on getting new ones. music out there faster than he expected. ”