Anyone who has spent a lot of time using the League of Legends client has probably noticed that it works like a complex machine maintained with gum and tape. After continuous complaints over several years, it seems that Riot has finally decided to make client fixation a real priority.

“The client is not in great shape,” the developers said in their ad earlier today. “There are too many bugs, too much latency and a whole host of issues like memory leaks, crashes, freezes, etc.” We are already committed to doing something for the customer, yet problems persist. Riot Announces Plan To Clean Up And Fix The League Of Legends Client

“Instead of vaguely speaking about our plans, today we share specific performance targets and clear details about the changes we plan to implement over the next six months.”

So what are the changes that Riot intends to implement to solve the many problems? The first problem they target is the time it takes for the client to bootstrap, or the time it takes for the client to be operational. Currently, they have found that the client can take up to 45 seconds, or even a minute, just to complete the boot.

Additionally, they looked at the champion selection lockout time – the time it takes for the client to record that you have locked up your champion after clicking the lockout. Although