SUPERHOT is an interesting title, both graphically and in terms of gameplay. After launching on VR, the game took off and now they are celebrating 2 million copies. The in-house VR development team is made up of over 45 talented people who have devoted their time and energy to creating this unique title.SUPERHOT VR Has Sold Over 2-Million Copies Since Its Release Across Oculus, HTC, Steam and PSVR.

VR support for this game has advanced the concept and made it even more interesting. To celebrate the success of the game, the developer is planning sales at several locations for SUPERHOT VR, so be sure to find the time to play this game. Check your personal VR store for more information.

The game places you in a virtual world where you have to engage your body, mind and balls to defeat enemies. Lose track of reality and face a reality of elegant brutality. Enemies flock from each location and only dozens of bullets can resolve the conflict. Explode, shrink and dodge tons of different environments in this fast-paced title.