A, Valorant. While many were reluctant to adopt the apparent title as the official title based on suspected leaks, it has now become apparent that the leaks are correct. Valorant is the next competitive team-based first-person shooter from Riot Games.

It seems that the world has IGN to thank for the rather sudden unveiling of a project that has been kept secret for a while; IGN has leaked several screenshots of what many conclude is a IGN game test. Riot shortly after activated the shooter’s accounts on Twitter and Twitch. Team-Based Shooter Project A From Riot Games Has Been Unveiled, Titled Valorant

From what has been seen so far, it seems frankly that Riot’s self-applied term “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive killer” was a bit of a stretch; the title seems to lie comfortably between Call of Duty and Overwatch and is likely to find an audience that already exists between the two.

The screenshots of various maps are surprisingly close to Overwatch or even Team Fortress 2. The TF2 style is however well deserved; the artistic director is none other than Moby Francke, who was artistic director of TF2 since around 2005. However, the screenshots and the characters did not necessarily create a hype around the title that many were delighted.

The character models and maps seem downright bland for many, although this is probably a defining point by Riot; in competitive titles, being able to distinguish players from the environment in a few milliseconds is vital for getting out at the top of a duel, and there is little room for obnoxious images and cosmetics that blur this outline. The character models themselves are also simplistic, likely to ensure that the hitboxes are absolute and located within the character models. If Riot is really trying to swing towards the juggernaut that is CS: GO, then there is a mountain in front of them that they will need to climb quickly, cleanly and with intention.

It’s not exactly an industry secret that Counter-Strike is probably the pinnacle of competitive e-sport, with events regularly drawing crowds of over a million