The End of the Sun team launched the Kickstarter The End of the Sun, a story-based adventure game. The title presents a first-person exploration taking place in a Slavic fantasy world. Although the Kickstarter is available now, the Steam page has also been revealed with additional information about the game and the possibility of wanting it.

The end of the sun contains a series of mysterious events that ordinary people are forced to face. These people live in a small village where the border between myth and reality begins to blur.

The player takes control of Ashler (Volhv), who has the unique ability to travel back in time and knows where human destinies form in Navia. Ashler follows the trail of a fugitive to a mysterious empty village with the exception of the remains of smothered fires. The End Of The Sun – The Adventure In Slavic Fantasy World Launches On Kickstarter

Time travel is threatened. Some paths open up if the right decisions are made, but everything has an impact on the future.

The End of the Sun was inspired by Slavic mythology and legends. The game takes place around four major Slavic festivals during the four seasons but in a mystical way.

The game was inspired by adventure and exploration games with complex puzzles, but the story is the main objective. The story itself is not linear and players can experience them at their own pace in the open world.