There are many great virtual reality games available on the PSVR. From first-person shooters to car racing, this VR platform has it all. Nor does it appear that the library will soon be growing.

A new VR title is now available, called Pixel Ripped 1995. If you like classic 16 and 32 bit games and the concept of in-game play, this VR experience is worth checking out. He also just received an official launch trailer on the official PlayStation YouTube channel.The Game Within A Game Pixel Ripped 1995 Is Now Available On The PSVR

It starts with a nine year old boy in his bedroom playing classic retro shooters. The boy and his surroundings are represented using VR technology, but the retro games he plays have a 2D design. It’s a pretty unique concept that instantly makes Pixel Ripped 1995 intriguing.

The games the boy plays have a ton of nostalgia, especially if you grew up playing games similar to the days of arcade games. It’s not just about playing these retro games.