June has just arrived and this means a new wave of free games for those who have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. The first offering is now officially available and it is the beloved platform game Shantae and the pirate’s curse.

If you have this membership and are enjoying retro games with platform elements, be sure to claim your free copy today. It won’t be available forever, so it’s a great time to add it to your collection for free. The Platformer Shantae And The Pirate’s Curse Is Now Free For Xbox Live Gold Members

Although this platform game is five years old, there are still many good things to discover. The story revolves around a magic genius Shantae. She has just lost her powers and there is now a mysterious curse affecting her beloved Sequin Land.

Against all odds, she must team up with Risky Boots. He is her sworn enemy, so it goes without saying that she is a little hesitant about her intentions and her ability to manifest when she needs him most.

However, with this new allegiance, she now has access to new pirate weapons. She will need it to move through the cursed lands as a team with enemies and monsters.

The environments are beautiful and there are a wide variety of characters to interact with. They have a lot of humor and great stories, which makes you fall in love with this game even more.