Console wars are filled with daring moves and bolder claims as all parties strive for some sort of dominance over the others. Today, the PlayStation 5 has attracted a lot of attention after a statement by Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic.

Earlier, we discussed some rumors – although those whose sources are extremely unreliable – that the next generation of PlayStation is technologically inferior to its competitors. You can read the full article here.Tim Sweeney, CEO Of Epic, Claims PlayStation 5 Will Surpass PCs At Launch

Essentially, an unsubstantiated source by the name of Jeff Rickel used the argument “Dude, believe me” to say that the next generation would be inferior. The person claimed that the system would be pushed back several times, suffer from overheating problems and eventually crash.

These rumors were spread fairly quickly by some media in the gaming community, especially on social media. However, again, there was never anything to back up these rumors and they existed like pure gossip.

Today, however, someone with far more authority on the subject has come out to say the opposite. Tim Sweeney is a much more reliable figure, and since he runs a company that develops games for the system, we can take his words with a little more conviction.