There’s a massive Ubisoft title that doesn’t involve climbing tall towers to reveal the surroundings, and it’s Rainbow Six: Siege. Released on December 1, 2015, Rainbow Six: Siege was a huge step forward for French studio Ubisoft, moving away from the standard IP playing field they comfortably resided in the previous decade with Far Cry IPs, Assassin’s Creed and (oddly enough) Just Dance.Ubisoft Sues Both Apple & Google Over Rainbow Six: Siege Mobile Clone Area F2.
It is an intense PvP first-person shooter that combines the objective-based gameplay of Counter-Strike with the unique heroes (or agents) of Team Fortress. It has worked remarkably well for a new IP address, continuing to maintain its popularity almost half a decade after its release.

So much so, that a development company called Ejoy has created a title that looks surprisingly like Rainbow Six: Siege for mobile release.