The upcoming title is a new generation large-scale shooter that offers battles with up to 100 players. The game also has dynamic time, seasons and a real 24-hour day and night cycle. The title will include a cross-platform game so players from around the world can play together.

The game takes place on a planet similar to Earth called Alterra. Players control robots because there are no organic life forms in the game. There are three classes to choose from, Gunner, Mechanic and Protector. The robots are fully customizable and are not linked to classes.Vulkanic’s Cross-Platform FPS Proxima Universe Heads To Steam Early Access.

Each Proxima Universe card takes place in a giant space. In a game where up to 100 players can get together, the extra space is vital. The first map, Haven, in the Terra Control game mode, covers 4 × 4 km of terrain. Other game mode maps will be even larger with real-time rendering. Each game round lasts between 20-25 minutes.