Griftlands was first revealed at E3 2019, and although the deck building “ thugs ” may have been a success at the time, how does the game stand up to the evolution of market in 2020?

Developed by Klei Entertainment, the same studio behind the popular Don’t Starve series, Griftlands merges several different genres and the unique artistic style of “ Don’t Starve ” to create an unusual game that is always worth a visit, even if you are not in collectible and buildable card games.

He is not a typical thug. Turn-based combat involves collecting cards and using them against different enemies. It’s like Final Fantasy meets Don’t Starve and Slay The Spire.

The gameplay can also be compared to a card game like Magic the Gathering, as there are special types of cards (combat and negotiation) that introduce elements of strategy. Much of the fun comes from finding powerful combos. What Is Griftlands? Deck-Building Rogue-Like Game From Don’t Starve Studio Klei Entertainment Leaves Early Access June 15th

Negotiation is Klei’s attempt to introduce cards into the dialogue. Different cards can earn the player different responses, which shape the overall story. It’s a bit clunky but can have some interesting repercussions as the game progresses.

Even the narrative conceived is not typically rogue. Your choices are largely dictated by a set of narrative rules, and the choices you make determine your load and your success on the race. If your character dies, that’s it. Game over. Restart.