We have become a distributor and supplier specialized in production, trading, offering and putting together dry jointed glass partitioning with a custom made door to receive office, retail outlet and enterprise. The best price concerning glass dividers with collaborative dry joint per m2 placed, from our factory with quality and guarantee you will find here, we now have several types with hues and types of exterior available. All of us accept several forms of repayment and BNDES card, submit the form to request a no cost quote, or perhaps contact us currently on the phone. To be able to have a great experience, this great site uses cookies. See each of our Privacy Policy for more information about how we work with, protect and care for important computer data while looking. Unlike what many persons think, mirror partitions are definitely not an expensive method. If used correctly, they give privacy and match almost any type of workplace. Having a divisoria de vidro junta seca shows a mild attitude towards the environment. Rather than completely finished, lifeless space that does not meet the location, the surrounding shows utilization with the whole department and begins to participate the office regimen. In addition to being a sustainable method. After a selected period of work with, the tumbler can be swapped and delivered to a company that does the right recycling anywhere else, in a fresh form and applicability. Following knowing the benefits of having the wineglass partition, all of us will discover the benefits of the dried joint version. Dry canton walls are a good solution to achieve environments where the fluidity of space and a design that supports adequate sectorization for cohesiveness between groups is essential. The lightness inside the design of the dry joint partitions furnished by structures just in the edge of the move, that is: on the ground on the hall and on the ends of your walls, this transforms the significant environment to a pleasant space with openness and lightness, maintaining privateness.